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  • It’s just an L

  • It’s just a stare

  • It’s just a smile

  • It’s just a wink

  • It’s just a look

  • It’s just a lovebite

  • It’s just a jacket

  • It’s just a hug

  • It’s just a grip

  • It’s just a whisper

  • It’s just a tweet

  • It’s just a meal

  • It’s just a touch

  • It’s just a snuggle

  • It’s just a boy

  • and another boy

  • in love with each other

credit to the owners of the gifs

Ever since the beginning… it just sort of happened, really.

Harry's latenight homework=handwork



So this is a bit late as my wifi connection played tricks on me when I was about to post this four hours ago

I was on twitter looking for more El Paso pictures and I was also busy watching lots of vines from that show when Harry tweeted this:

I looked it up. No song or whatsoever appeared as…

so I was right. My eyes didn’t betray me. I saw handwork. But wait is there a meaning behind this or something?
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